Benji's massive Adam Reynolds warning as South Sydney confront Damien Cook

The legend of rugby league Benji Marshall has sent out an uncompromising warning to former team regarding the future of the veteran Damien Cook. Former Kiwis captain believes that the South Sydney Rabbitohs cannot afford to "make the same mistake" with Cook the way they made with their Captain Adam Reynolds. Cook's management will talk to his fellow Rabbitohs this week to discuss an extension of his contract to the 30-year-old.

However, the rise of young Hooker Peter Mamouzelos has clouded the veteran's prospects. Cook is left with one season remaining on his contract and Mamouzelos has a contract to the end of the 2024 season.

Marshall believes that the Rabbitohs can't afford to prioritize young players over their experience, as it was with Adam Reynolds in 2021, just offering Reynolds an one-year extension.

Nathan Brown, Paul Momirosvki and Jake Clifford all responded to being removed from reserve gradeJake Clifford Jake Clifford was "not satisfied" with his performance, despite having scored two attempts.

James Roberts returned from a back injury, and Charlie Staines' performance justified his pitch made to Tigers while Matt Dufty had his best game since being cut.

Albert Hopoate enjoyed "the perks of being a winger" with his stunning four-try display during Canberra's victory. Cody Hodge had a Cup debut that will be remembered by the Rabbitohs and there's some young Queenslanders to be watching.

Eels superstar Nathan Brown responded to being dropped in the best manner possible -he was the absolute most blinding experience in the reserve grade. The Eels lost to The Bears but Brown was the standout player with an assist to a try as well as a linebreak assistance, two tackle busts, and 173 metres. He also succeeded in taking 43 tackles, with only two missed tackles.

In the same match Paul Momirovski found himself playing in the reserve category following being removed from the Roosters and put in a superb performance that included an assist to an assist on a linebreak, three linebreak assist and more than 125 running metres.

Jake Clifford was dropped back to NSW Cup with Adam Clune recovering from an injury. He proved his worth above the level with two try assists as well as two linebreak assist along with 98 running meters.

"There's a few things I'd like to take back, a few seven-tackle sets, a pass that led to a try and contact needs to be a little bit better... there's heaps to work on so I'm not satisfied with that."

James Roberts returned from a back injury with the Tigers feeder club, Western Suburbs Magpies and got through the game unscathed. The 29-year-old who was not playing since the 6th round, finished with the score of a goal as well as a try assist. the linebreak assist as well as four tackle busts. 117 running meters.

The young Panther Charlie Staines reportedly approached the Tigers about a possible club change to fullback and his performance over the weekend suggests that No.1 is his ideal position.

As a the fullback position for The Penrith's NSW Cup side on Saturday, Staines set up a score, he also scored an a-linebreak as well as a linebreak assist, along with four tackle breaks. Staines also ran 245 metres in the team's 26-6 against Newtown.

There's an outside back at the Raiders who is knocking at the door of the NRL team -the player Albert Hopoate. The 21-year-old was a part of five NRL match for Manly in 2020 prior to joining the Raiders this season.

The winger scored four goals during Canberra's win of 30 to 26 against Newcastle and also scored seven tackle busts in addition to running 257 metres.

"I simply get all the easy ones. I'm not saying every time that I'm the catch and the put-down (guy). It's a good thing, it's one of the benefits of being a the winger you know," Hopoate told Fox League.

We've all seen the potential Locky Miller could do during the course of his NRL debut, and now the Sharks have two more offensive weapons as well including Kayal Iro, and Kade Dykes.

Iro scored an attempt, picked up the linebreak, as well as five tackle busts his 200 running metres in the loss to Newtown -- which is an easier game for him by standards.

However, Dykes, who can play fullback, five-eighth or is still in the running to play for Jersey Flegg, ran for 135 yards, scored for a goal, scored the linebreak, and had 6 tackle busts.

Terrell May was back in reserve grade after four weeks with the NRL and put in the type of play that brought him to the top of the list for a call-up. He was the winner with 259 metres, post-contact 119, four tackles busted and 33 tackles with only one missed.

The Bears teammates Tom Carr scored, got three linebreaks, and ran for 168 meters, and Adam Keighran got Player's Player. Keighran was the one to set up a goal when he made a break along the line with an unintentional chip kick from the right side of the boot to allow Sandon Smith, who scored. Keighran also scored an open goal in the 75th minute.

Panthers forward Daeon Amituanai produced his best performance since he was promoted by Jersey Flegg. The former Warrior recorded a double, scored four linebreaks, 12 tackle busts and ran 171 metres.

When it comes to wingsmen, Jayden Okunbor had a impressive performance in the Bulldogs victory. He scored an assist, scoring three linebreaks with two tackles busts as well as running for 202 meters.

The Rabbitohs' duo Cody Hodge and Isaiah Tass played a wild game during their 38-12 victory against Blacktown. Hodge has joined the Rabbitohs in the summer on a trial-and-train contract and played his Cup debut over the weekend. The 23-year-old winger scored triple, scored three linebreaks as well as five tackle busts, and ran for 157m.

While Tass was busy, Tass, who made his NRL debut in Round 6, was as productive with two assist on three linebreak assists as well as four tackle busts. 137 metres of running.

Dragons player Connor Muhleisen set up two tires and scored three linebreak assist, as well as making 44 tackles and only two missed tackles in his team's loss. Jayden Sullivan again demonstrated that he is playing in the first grade by scoring the linebreak that he broke twice, as well as two assist five tackle busts as well as 122 metres of running.

Edward Kosi scored a hat-trick for the Warriors who's feeder team The Dolphins who scored three linebreaks, eight tackle busts along with 213 running meters in their draw of 24 all together with CQ Capras.

Fullback Trai Fuller, also had a dominant game with an attempt, two try assists, a linebreak assistance with a linebreak, as well as 2 tackle busts.

Be on the lookout for Deine Mariner, one of the teenagers who is part of the Broncos system. Mariner was a centre player for the Australian Schoolboys squad last year and scored four tries during the course of his Queensland Cup debut for Wynnum Manly. At the weekend, in only his fifth Cup match, Mariner notched up 215 metres in linebreaks, two linebreaks as well as seven tackle breaks from the side.

Tomas Chester is set for an impressive future, which is the reason why the Cowboys secured him on the Top 30 deal for 2023 and 2024. Chester is a North Queenslander, played in the halves in his youth, but has made the right move into fullback. The 20-year-old scored two tries during the Blackhawks 30-18 victory over the Brisbane Tigers and also got two linebreak assists as well as three tackle busts. He also ran for 142 meters.

Ipswich captain Nathanaiel Neale got through a amount of work during his team's win of 26-18 in the match against Souths Logan. He is 33. Queensland Cup veteran played 72 minutes as a prop, and finished with a score, a linebreak as well as four tackles, and ran for the distance of 133 meters. He also recorded 55 tackles and had only one missed.